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New Ability: Martial Exercises

Here's a chi-powered ability for warrior characters in fantasy or over-the-top Martial Arts campaigns.

Martial Exercises

35 points/level
Each level lets you choose one martial exercise benefit from the list below. You must spend six minutes per level exercising and make a Will or Meditation roll to choose new benefits. If a benefit is listed in bold, you can choose that option more than once and effects in bold stack.

  • Arm ST +1 (Two arms) + Strongbow.
  • Acute Vision 3.
  • Acute Hearing 3.
  • Blunt Claws + DR 3 (Partial, Hands; Tough Skin).
  • Breath-Holding 3.
  • Damage Resistance 2 (Tough Skin).
  • Filter Lungs + Penetrating Voice.
  • Flexibility + Compact Frame.
  • FP +2.
  • Hard to Kill 3.
  • Hard to Subdue 3.
  • HP +3.
  • Injury Tolerance (No Blood) + Chi Resistance (Pressure Points).
  • Injury Tolerance (No Vitals) + Natural Pockets.
  • Less Sleep 3.
  • Lifting ST +2.
  • Metabolism Control 3 (Hibernation).
  • Nictitating Membrane 6.
  • Night Vision 6.
  • Pressure Support 1 + Pressure-Tolerant Lungs (Thin atmosphere).
  • Reduced Consumption 3.
  • Resistant to Poison (+3) + Alcohol Tolerance.
  • Silence 1 + Stalker (Ignore the -1 penalty to Stealth for Light encumbrance).
  • Slippery 3.

Under the Hood

Martial Exercises is based on a new Modular Ability called Training Regimen that has a short list of options and is slow to rearrange. Cost per slot: 4 points base, plus 4 points per point of abilities. The final advantage is Training Regimen 1 (6) (Advantages Only, -10%; Chi, -10%; Physical, +50%; Requires Will Roll, -5%) [35]. Each level of Martial Exercises adds another slot.

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